Delight your customers with the best coffee 

Perfero Caffe self-service and lean-service specialty coffee solutions

Delight your customers

Dhamesh Shah from Hotspot says, “The more advocates you have, the fewer ads you have to buy.” Customer experience has always been the way to build customer loyalty. The worse way to begin your first contact with your customer is to serve bad coffee. They will remember that for a long time. We believe companies should serve great coffee to their customers as part of exceptional customer experience. 

Who we are

Working with business

We offer solutions to businesses and work with them to create great customer experience with our self-service and lean-service solutions. Every company can serve great coffee and create exceptional customer experience with would result in loyalty and turn them into advocates. 


Benefit team performance

Does coffee improve work performance? This may be a good debate question for your next team building event. However, studies have shown that it improves performance immediately after drinking it. Peak consumption is early in the morning about 9.30am and another at lunchtime. The social benefits of gathering at coffee break is also great for team-building and it is a daily affair. You do not have to force anyone into participating since people are naturally drawn to coffee talk!

Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break.

~ Earl Wilson


Espresso impresso!

Every executive can now provide personalised service by serving espresso to their customers in their office. The simplicity of the Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) standard now allows executives to start every meeting with a lasting impression.


Team Builder

There is a saying, “Good ideas start with brainstorming, Great ideas start with coffee.” Great coffee energize the team and increase performance. After all, the coffee break brings people together daily and encourages communication naturally. 


Back for more

Serve great coffee as part of exceptional customer experience and your customers will be back for more. When you are “always on your customer’s mind,” you are on the way to success! Customer experience is the first step towards great loyalty program.

Our executive self-service espresso machine lets executive impress their customer with a cup of specialty coffee in 30 seconds. This is a natural conversation starter and we are sure you will have many successful meetings.