Deka H2O – E.S.E. Pod

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Deka H2O
Deka H2O ESE Pod



Mexican Arabica, “Messico Gourmet Altura Finca Cruxtitla”


  • Natural water process
  • Natural Coffee flavor

This is a top quality decaffeinated coffee using 100% Mexican Arabica, Messico Gourmet Altura Finca Cruxtitla.

The Swiss Water Decaf Process is a decaffeination process in which coffee is decaffeinated using an environmentally friendly, chemical-free, 99.9% caffeine-free water process and all the while having great taste at the same time.

The natural “water-only” process results in an espresso with rich coffee flavor and is a healthy and sustainable choice.

Deka H2O

Perfero Caffè pods use the E.S.E. 44mm standard (Easy Serving Espresso) and are 100% compatible with all machines that use this system. This technology makes it possible to prepare an excellent espresso in just a few simple steps.

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