Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.)


What is Easy Serving Espresso?

Easy Serving Espresso as known as E.S.E. or ESE is an alternative method to grinding your own coffee beans or using traditional coffee capsules like Nespresso coffee capsules or Dolce Gusto coffee capsules or the like. E.S.E. is an open system for espresso coffee prepared with paper pods maintained by the “Consortium for the Development and the Protection of the E.S.E. Standard.”

The E.S.E. pod is a small packed coffee pod with a compostable filter paper covering that can be used in an E.S.E. coffee machine or traditional espresso machine with an appropriate single pod portafilter basket.

E.S.E. Coffee Pods

E.S.E. Coffee Pods are environmentally friendly coffee pod made of seven grams of freshly roasted coffee compressed into filter pod with a 44mm diameter.

Coffee Pods
Coffee Pods
Coffee Pods
Coffee Pods

These pods are great for homes, office, restaurants and hotels.

Why should you use the E.S.E. pods?

  • NO HASSLE. You do not need to grind your coffee, weight it, tamper it before your put it into the coffee machine.
  • ZERO MESS. After you make your coffee, you simply remove the pod and dispose it in a sustainable manner.
  • CONSISTENCY. You get the same great tasting coffee everytime. 7 grams of coffee brewed exactly the same as the last cup.
  • SUSTAINABLE. Every pod is completely compostable after it is used.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE. The coffee machine is low maintenance and low energy consumption.

What coffee machines can you use the E.S.E. pods?

Perfero Caffe E.S.E. pods are manufactured to the industry standard of 7 grams of freshly roasted coffee and 44mm pod diameter.

They can be used with any coffee machine that supports the E.S.E. standard sized pods.

You can read about some of our machines here.

The Executive Coffee Machine

Looks great at home and in the office.

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