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Guatemala Geisha


  • Jam and ripe fruit aroma
  • Taste of baked almond
  • Liquorice after taste

Making great specialty coffee has never been so easy and inexpensive. This Guatemala Geisha is made affordable and accessible in an ESE pod for all to enjoy.

The crop yield of the Geisha coffee plant is extremely low, that explains the supply and production challenge for this coffee bean.

Guatemala is a small Central American country big with excellent coffee. Geisha Coffee from Guatemala is an Ethiopian wild coffee origin that is ancient, very rare and fine coffee. This single origin coffee grows on volcanic soil environment in altitudes of 1,700 meters.

This Guatemala Geisha produces a coffee of great character. You will enjoy the unique jam and ripe fruit aroma with a taste of baked almond and liquorice after taste.

Guatemala Geisha
Guatemala Geisha

Perfero Caffè pods use the E.S.E. 44mm standard (Easy Serving Espresso) and are 100% compatible with all machines that use this system. This technology makes it possible to prepare an excellent espresso in just a few simple steps.

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