We are here to help. Working with you to create better coffee experiences in your office, restaurants or home. 


Creating Experiences

Coffee culture has grown over the years. We believe the opportunity to blend coffee and our environment will create positive and beneficial experiences. Contact us for a conversation on how you can create these experiences in your environment.

Coffee Appreciation

We conduct coffee appreciation sessions to educate and learn. You can conduct these sessions onsite by giving us a call. There are many possibilities that could be explored but one of our existing sessions maybe a good place to start. 



We can create experiences for your employees and customers by designing in- house self service or lean service coffee clusters. These solutions can be blended into your environment, made into kiosks or mini cafe. In addition to design, we also procure specialised equipment when required. The first step is to have a conversation. Call us, we love to talk about coffee. 

Perfero Design


We believe that no one has a monopoly on the best ideas. Therefore, collaboration increase success. We collaborate with businesses who are interested to improve customer and employee experience, and restaurants who are looking at self-service and lean-service solutions. This goes beyond coffee menu offerings, coffee machine use and maintenance, procedural outlining and customer service training that will help your concept come to life.

Send us a message to get the conversation started.