The Story of Perfero

Perfero Mosaic

In 1998, two friends were waiting for a flight in the coffee shop of a small northern European airport. Both of them work in the Italian Espresso industry, chat about coffee and the art of coffee making. After several cups of coffee, as they say, the Perfero story began…

Daniele and Simone

Two Souls, One Mission

Simone and Daniele have their own vision of the perfect coffee whenever they sniff, then taste their coffees with a smile, but remain totally dissatisfied.

Over the years, they pursue their dream to create a hand-crafted masterpiece. Their search for the “perfect” coffee leads to them pooling their knowledge and experience, dedicating their time to passionately choosing the unique origins of their coffee beans, roasting them using ancient traditional methods and developing the perfect blend.

Today, savouring their Blend, they have moved beyond the realms of mere self satisfaction.

Today they wish to share that passion and their unique vision that was once a dream and is now a reality with the world.

They dedicate the unique “Perfero” blend to coffee drinkers with the highest expectations, secure in the knowledge of eliciting a positive reaction.

The soul of every “Perfero” blend is unique and born on the hillsides of Brazil, Columbia, Santo Domingo, Guatemala, and on Kenyan plateaus in the early days.

Selection and harvested by hand, ensuring only the ripest fruit are picked, guarantees that soul of our coffee. So, when it arrives in Italy, and through the doors of our establishment, gives the best of itself.

The Perfero Unica Line

UNICA- 100% Arabica

The taste is gentle and silky, using the best “Barahona AAA, ”Arabica coffee beans of South America and the Dominican Republic.

The explosion of flavour and taste invites you to explore fascinating, faraway places. Chocolate, citrus and jasmine mingle with moderate acidity makes this a unique experience.


South American Arabica is blended with an extraordinary Robusta, the “Kapi-Royal”.

The flavour is characterized by hazel-nut, chocolate and rum. Acidity and bitterness in perfect harmony.

The highest expression of the Italian school of Espresso.

Perfero Arabica 1 kg coffee beans


A completely natural blend, decaffeinated using a ‘water-only’ process using top quality 100% Brasile Santos Fine Cup.

Roasting the Perfero blend

The Perfero Blends

The creation of a blend.

The heart of every roasting begins with a composition of the blend. The most creative, exciting, and often secretive but comes with greater responsibility, since the economic choices and product marketing depend on the result in order to propose to the consumer.

Many reasons influence the choice of the roaster in the blending’s composition, primarily the type of extraction which will used in the choice of brewing the coffee.

A blend of espresso differs completely from what you would get with the Neapolitan coffee pot. A steaming brewed coffee from a machine to filter offers the black drink in another variant.

The ultimate questions would include,

How we prepare our blends?

What are the beans we choose?

Our structure allows us to select absolutely artisan coffees purchased from time to time, the complete manual control of the quality of each lot. 

The following are the types that of specialty coffee you can find in our roaster. Research and experimentation is ongoing in order to discover and release the unique flavors each bean possesses, will continue unabated, including in the organic world.


Originating from mountains of Eastern-West Ethiopia. It is the perfect flavour, combining intensity, flowery peach, tropical fruits, and jasmine tea. This coffee is moderately acidic and stout.


Top quality Arabica coffee cultivated in North Nairobi at 1650m. Complex flavour in the cup with moderate stoutness. Red wine after-taste with a hint of citrus. Its chief characteristic is the fine acidity.


Arabica coffee from Minas Gerias County. Treated with Demi washed technique. It is stout, moderately mild acidity with strong cocoa bean influence with a strong, roasted, hazel-nut after-taste.


Organic Arabica coffee from 1500m height, from Lingtong County. It is treated with natural demi-washed technique, absolutely free of fungicide and other chemicals.

Lingtong coffee is extremely valuable and not always available. It is a creamy and stout coffee with moderate acidity, chocolate and citrus after-taste.

Perfero Asia

Together with some passionate friends, Simone and Daniele has set up Perfero Asia to bring the taste of Perfero to Asian coffee aficionados. Perfero will make its coffee available in the way Asians would drink coffee and with no compromise to the quality and taste of Perfero.

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